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It’s so hard to believe that less than a year ago my office was in basement level of my Grandparents home in a guest room-turned-office while I was shackin’ up with them to save some money before I said “I Do”. Yes. Less than a year ago..I was crammed in an office, with moving boxes, wedding crafts, school stuff, and don’t forget the out-of-date guest room furniture piled high around me. It was awful. I never felt creative and had ZERO inspiration!

When we bought, renovated, and moved into our first home, I knew that my office would need to reflect, inspire, and motivate me while in this new chapter of life.  Becoming a full-time photographer is no joke and I spend lots of time in my in-home office so I wanted it to motivate me and to let my creativity shine! I needed an oasis. I needed a room that encompassed everything “Emma Loo” is.  Space where I could be a little girly, a little sassy (ok..a lot of sassy!), very Southern, fabulous, and exciting!  All things that are so “Emma Loo”!  My dreams for an office have started long before we moved in, and I feel like I have almost finally reached a dream-come-true office space.

Here’s what the space looked like the day we closed on the house…

Oh…I cringe at the sight of that carpet. That plush, green, shag carpet.  It was a great space, HUGE closet, and once we took those drapes down-SO much natural light…It was perfect for me!

We chose to paint the walls a teal blue (Valspar Sea Wave) which also happens to be my favorite color! We livened up the ceilings with a fresh coat of bright white, added our dark walnut finished wood floors, and took out the closet doors! The closet in this room is HUGE! Originally, I thought about having my desk in there, but decided against it once I started unpacking my gear and office equipment! I needed the space, but I also needed it easy to get to, so I put up curtains instead and that made for an easy access and it makes the room feel bigger!


For my desks, I wanted a Pottery Barn corner desk but didn’t want to pay the price for one, so I bought two desks from IKEA instead.  I’ve been SO impressed with their quality and how they’ve managed throughout 3 moves and countless projects! Plus, I wanted a modern feel to the room, and the desks certainly give that “MOD” vibe!
BP_EmmaLooOffice_1The white+glass shelf is from IKEA as well. I wanted something for visual in the office, as well as storage for random things (think newborn props, miscellaneous camera equipment, get the idea!) So far I love it, but knowing me…I’ll change it up every month! The chairs are hand-me-downs from my Grandma and Mama.  They’ve both been in the family for years, and I can’t wait to reupholster them in a light gray! What do y’all think?!

The really cool filing drawer system is also from IKEA.  I thought I would use it just for client packaging items, but when I had 4 drawers left to be filled, I put my gear in it! So far, I love having my gear right at the pull of a drawer! The chair is from OfficeMax and it’s been one of my favorite things about my office! And that monogram-it’s actually a vinyl sticker using a Lily Pulitzer print.  I got it made down at the beach from The Sign Guy at the Surfside Flea Market! I didn’t think it would last long, but so far it’s been great!

BP_EmmaLooOffice_3 BP_EmmaLooOffice_5

My “workflow” chart has been a great way for me to visually “see” the upcoming 2016 wedding season! It shows me all of my clients and where I am with each couple! It also helps me keep every one of my couples in order! I’ve booked 13 weddings so far for 2016 and 1 for 2017.  I can’t wait to see this chart grow and grow! My goal is to shoot 25 weddings a year! Looks like I’ll need TWO charts! 😉 BP_EmmaLooOffice_4I think it’s super important to always know “where you’ve came from”. I have a cork board in my office that has every client’s ‘Thank You’ card saved on it. Talk about being inspired. THAT inspires me. To see those cards and know that I’ve been a part of someone’s special day or just capturing their annual family photo…I just love it. I appreciate that space in the office so much. BP_EmmaLooOffice_6The wall over my desk is my “inspiration wall”…It keeps me motivated and inspired to keep going throughout the editing process.  Pictures of our wedding day, artwork by one of my favorite artists, and a cute “Office Sweet Office” printable adorns the wall.  On the other side of the room is the “Emma Loo Wall”.  It showcases my own work and gives me goosebumps every time I look at it! I look at it and think “I DID THIS!”  It’s a surreal feeling!

Hope y’all enjoyed the tour!

XO!-Emma Loo

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