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Speaking with Carlee from Day 1 has been absolute JOY! (& I keep saying JOY when I’m talking about her because her last name just so happens to be Joy AND she makes me filled with joy!)

Booking Carlee+Andrew’s May 2016 wedding date means that we will be photographing a total of 15 weddings in 2016! (Holy Wow!! Someone pinch me!)  When she booked their wedding day with me, she asked me two things-1.) if I was available 5/21 (which thankfully, I was!) and 2.) if I was available on 11/22 for an engagement session with their show horses. Thankfully, I was available for the November date and we took a road trip up to Morganton, NC and met with Carlee+Andrew! We also met their show horses (all 15+ of them!) on their beautiful 300+ acre ranch! (Oh, all of that land was dreamy! I can’t wait to see how beautiful everything will look on wedding day!) Oh yeah, speaking of which, their hosting their wedding on their families ranch, with the horses running around, and a clear top tented reception venue, and a breathtaking ceremony that will take place on top of a hill overlooking the ranch and with the mountains in the distance….Oh! It will be BEAUTIFUL! CAN’T. WAIT.

But for now, here are just a few of my favorites from their engagement session.  We had an absolute blast getting to know these two (& their family/friends/horses/horse trainer!) and I can’t even begin to describe my excitement for their wedding day! Enjoy!

Carlee+Andrew-You two were just AMAZING! I absolutely LOVED getting to know y’all, spending the day with you lovebirds, and meeting some of the most important “members” of your family…even if they are four-legged! 😉 Y’all..I can’t even say it enough! Thank y’all SO much for booking with me and I simply can’t wait to share your love story! Don’t blink! It’ll be May before you know it! Enjoy and soak up every second left of your engagement! XO! -Emma Loo 

BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_3 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_2 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_1 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_8 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_-2 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_7 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_6 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_5 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_4 BP_CarleeAndrew_Engagements_9After playing around with the horses, we left the ranch and went to the original farm location where “Double C Acres” started it all! I thought it was so special to be on the land where Carlee’s Grandpa started such a sweet legacy! Oh! & That barn! It was SO adorable!



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