Holiday Mini-Sessions Recap


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This was the first year that I’ve ever offered Mini-Sessions and they were a HUGE hit! Trust me! They WILL be back next year, not only in the fall but also in the spring! I absolutely loved getting to meet and get to know some new faces and I look forward to working with everyone in the future! 🙂

Back in July, Phillip and I found this vintage/Victorian green couch for only $25 at a local thrift store.  When I saw it…I just knew. I HAD to have that couch for family photos! I envisioned families sitting on it in the middle of a field, or with a pretty backdrop. All I knew was, it was MINE. So we bought it…and the rest has been SO much fun! Setting up a Christmas themed scene has been so much fun! I started brainstorming what I wanted the scene to look like, needed to find a location that we were able to shoot at numerous times over and over again (we ended up using my Mama’s front yard as our main location! Talk about convenience! ) Once I got the vision in my head, it was just trying to find the other props to go along with the set-up.  That was easy…all I had to do was look around my house and rummage through my boxes of Christmas decor!

We ended up booking exactly 35 Holiday Mini-Sessions which was insane! I hadn’t planned on them ALL getting booked, in fact, I was really only going for maybe 7 to 10! Shooting 35 Mini-Sessions was beyond what I could’ve dreamed and hoped for! SO thank you, thank you, THANK YOU all who booked your session with me! You made my dreams come true! That’s for sure!

Enjoy a little recap of some of the best images from ALL 35 sessions! We sure enjoyed setting up, shooting, and meeting all of our newest clients! It was just a joy and we simply can’t wait until next year for it all to happen again!

Be on the look out for 2016 Spring and Fall Mini-Sessions! Registration for Spring Mini-Sessions will begin early March 2016! Registration for Fall Mini-Sessions will begin late September 2016! 

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