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BF_ClientGiftingHappy Friday everyone! It’s been such a busy week around here in one of my “slower months” surprisingly! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m trying to play “catch up” from being out of town for the long weekend celebrating our one-year anniversary, or if it’s just because I’ve been working my little tail off trying to get images edited and returned to happy clients so I can have some downtime at home these next few weeks before my summer picks back up again!

Anyway! I won’t bore y’all by rambling for today’s blog post! Instead, I’ll let y’all take a peek at some of my Client Gifting! Now, I’m a HUGE believer in gift giving! In fact, it’s one of my highest ranking love languages! I absolutely LOVE to give gifts, and maybe it’s the thrill of picking it out for the person, or wrapping it up all nicely, or just simply seeing their reaction when they open it…I don’t know what it is about gifting…but something inside of me just gets all warm and tingly when I do!

SO… I take that same feeling and pull it over to my business.  I want to make sure that each Wedding Client (#EmmaLooCouple) gets special treatment and I want them to feel like VIP’s…but most importantly, I want each couple to feel like they’ve gained a new friend when they book their wedding day with me! I want them to know that I’ve got their back during the stressful wedding planning process AND even after their BIG DAY! SO! I always like to start off on the right foot by sending each of my Emma Loo Couples a little “welcome gift”….as a way to say “Hey! I’m SO glad you believe in me, you TRUST me, and you’re letting me capture the VERY FIRST day of the rest of your life together…THANK YOU!” 

Now, while I don’t have a CRAZY outrageous budget for these gifts, I knew that I had to get creative (& the most cost efficient!) when it came to coming up with a way to gift to each of my Clients!  I SO WISH that I had a Studio Budget of hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on my lovely couples, but since I’m a newlywed myself, AND just trying to start this business from a full-time scale…it’s been a little bit of a challenge for me! (Plus, with the CFO always keeping track of what I spend…that makes it EVEN harder! Hehe! 😉 Love you Phillip!) 2016-06-17_0003

SO..for my Emma Loo Welcome Gifts, I decided to keep it simple and FUN! And how much fun is it to get CONFETTI POPPERS?!!?! (I know! SO MUCH FUN! They tempt me EVERY time I walk past them! I just want to POP every single one!) What makes these confetti poppers EVEN MORE fun…is that they’re homemade by yours truly as well! From putting together the containers to even making my own “homemade” tissue paper confetti! It’s definitely a POPPER with some heart! 😉 Also inside the Emma Loo Welcome Gift is a small bag with candy! I’ve recently switched to either teal blue salt water taffy (my favorite candy!) or candy lollipop sticks…but I used to do rock candy…it just got too expensive and too hard to find in the stores! (Anyone know of any great online retailer that sells BLUE rock candy?! Suggestions, please!)  To top off the Welcome Gift, I wrap it all up, include a hand written ‘thank you’ card.  2016-06-17_0002

As for sending USB’s to my portrait session Clients, I simply wrap the USB in a kraft style box (which I pulled off of ULINE here! They’re “technically” for jewelry!) and include two candy sticks inside a white shipping box.  Again, I add in a handwritten ‘thank you’ card and even throw in some gold circle confetti as well! SO CUTE! 2016-06-17_0001

Now, since this was the FIRST time I’ve ever done Client Gifting, there are a few things I want to modify or add to my Client Gifting in the future! Here’s what!:

+Get some sort of packing tape with my logo on it to wrap the white shipping boxes in! Right now, I’m just using clear packing tape… it does the job, but it could be a million times cuter!

+Revamp my labels to white and gold instead of kraft paper/stickers! (I simply was using what I had left over from DIY Christmas presents!! Budget y’all…budget!) 

+Get teal blue tissue paper instead of gold EVERYTHING! Teal is more of “my color” and although I LOVE gold, I only want it to be an accent color!

+I plan to keep the confetti poppers, only change the labels/stickers on them.  I DO want to find a new sweet to put inside the box as well! Rock Candy is too expensive and not everyone likes taffy or candy sticks!

+Have more of that “high end” feel to the packaging! When you first open it up, the ‘thank you’ card and a social media card (so that Clients will share their gift on social media AND even record a video of popping the poppers!) will be right on top.  I’ll need to have these made! I keep telling myself to make them up but haven’t gotten around to it!

Hope everyone has a terrific Friday and an absolutely WONDERFUL WEEKEND! See y’all next week! XO! -Emma Loo

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