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A Champagne Manor Wedding in Monroe, North Carolina

This wedding is going to be a great one! That’s for sure, y’all! I simply can’t wait for you to see it! It was evident that Kelley and Daniel were wrapped in love throughout their entire day and from start to finish.

They were married at one of my new favorite venues in Monroe, called Champagne Manor.  It was gorgeous! I’d never shot anything there before so it surely was love at first sight! The Bridal suite alone was absolutely stunning! It was like getting ready in a castle! Kelley most likely felt like a Princess while getting ready, because she sure looked like one! And just wait until you see her Prince Charming, Daniel…AND…their two little Princes as well! Daniel and Kelley’s sons-Ryan and Carter were just precious and it was so special that they were there to celebrate such a special day for their parents.  It was so cute to watch them get all dressed up and they were so cute and swanky in their little tuxedos! (It was adorable, y’all!)

Even though it was CRAZY-HOT on their wedding day, it didn’t seem to matter to Kelley and Daniel at all! These two were just so in love and so adorably cute that snuggling in 99 heat index didn’t even phase them! How awesome is that!? Goodness, I absolutely LOVE my Emma Loo Couples who will withstand the heat and snuggle up when I’m behind camera!

Kelley and Daniel’s wedding day was an absolute honor to capture and I am so excited to share these sweet moments with y’all! Enjoy!
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Kelley and Daniel’s Wedding Day was a pure delight to photograph and their wedding day was just perfect! Thanks to all the AMAZING vendors who made their day so picture perfect! XO!

Venue: Champagne Manor 

Photography: Emma Loo Photography

Coordinator: Sommer Goins w/ Elegant and Classy Events

Officiant: Jolin McElroy w/ First Christian Church Charlotte

Hair: Megan Richardson w/ Panache Salon

Makeup: Rachel Jones w/ Sola Salon Studios

Dress : Casablanca Bridal 

Dress Purchased From: The Lily Rose

Veil: Erika Koesler

Groom+Groomsmen attire from: Men’s Warehouse 

Rings: The Kings Jewelry

Florals: Maggie Hamm (Friend of the Bride) 

Invitations: Vistaprint

Wedding Programs: Zazzle

Singer/Entertainer: Bobby Noble

DJ: Mike “Doggie”

Catering: Bistro Catering & Events

Cake: Publix

Rentals: Elegant and Classy Events

Favors: Etsy

Photo Booth: Let’s Booth It 

Transportation: Johnny B’s Limo Service

Videographer: Michael Lee 

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