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Shannon emailed me and said that she had an idea for an engagement session at Freedom Park and Romare Bearden park, and I was ALL EARS! Sounded like SO much fun! But when she mentioned trying to find a dumpster for a location as well, I was a little surprised! I thought to myself “who would want to take pictures by a dumpster?” I always tell my #EmmaLooCouples to try to come up with locations that are special to their relationship for their engagement session.  I give suggestions like where they met, where they like to go to, where he proposed, where their first kiss was…you know, special places just for them! Well, I stand corrected folks! Shannon and Jimmy definitely WANTED to have their engagement session location by a dumpster because they shared their FIRST KISS by a dumpster!!! Shannon and Jimmy laugh about it now and think it’s not at all romantic sounding…but I think that’s what is so special! It’s that type of story they’ll tell their grandchildren one of these days! I don’t think it gets more romantic than that!!!

I met with Shannon and Jimmy at Freedom park by the iconic stone bridge and I could tell their engagement session was going to be so much fun just within the first five minutes behind camera! They even brought their sweet rescue pup along for some shots in the park and that was the cutest! I still can’t get over that tongue sticking out in almost ALL of her pictures! Too funny!

When we were headed to our next locations…there it was! A DUMPSTER! And it just so happened to be PINK! (Of ALL colors! My favorite!) What made it even more serendipitous was it was right by one of my favorite locations in all of uptown Charlotte AND across the street from the restaurant where they went to on their first date!! Seriously folks…it was all just too good!

I can’t wait for Shannon and Jimmy’s wedding day at the end of September. They are so excited to have such a fun party and celebrate with their families and friends and I don’t blame them! They have such fun personalities, there’s no way their wedding won’t be off the charts! Plus, Shannon has it ALL planned already! She says there’s nothing left to do but to show up on wedding day!! (Superwoman right?!) Shannon, if nursing ever doesn’t work out for you…I know for sure you’d make one mighty fine wedding planner!!

Enjoy these favorites of mine from their fun session in Uptown Charlotte!



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