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It was raining BUCKETS of water right as Ellen’s Bridal Session was about to begin.  We had been keeping a close eye on the forecast, but the chance of rain never seemed to disappear…it was only getting higher! As soon as I drove in to Rock Barn Country Club, it was raining like a monsoon!

I could tell Ellen was frustrated with the weather, but like she said ‘it was all out of our control’…and she was right! The only thing we decided to do was just wait for the storm to pass and we’d see what it would be like when it was over.  I guess the phrase “Good things come to those who wait” is true…because that couldn’t have been more evident to us for this shoot! Not only did the storm pass by quickly, but it also brought plenty of golden sunshine and even a rainbow along the way! It was such a blessing and reminder to us that God will ALWAYS provide!

We made the most of Rock Barn Country Club and took advantage of all of the pretty locations around the club and golf course! My eyes widened when I saw a HUGE man-made natural looking waterfall coming from the top of a hillside! It was SO cool and who would’ve thought it was man-made!! (Plus, it was coming from someone’s pool at the top of the “mountain”…talk about AWESOME!) Along a cart path there’s also a pretty covered bridge that I absolutely LOVED! I made sure that we would definitely be using that covered bridge during Bridal Party photos on wedding day! I absolutely LOVE going to wedding venues for bridal portraits because it gives me a chance to see the venue before wedding day and find perfect locations to use way beforehand!

I loved getting to know Ellen’s family during the shoot! Ellen’s parents and sisters all joined us for the shoot! They were great assistants when I needed them, that’s for sure.  Even Ellen’s aunts did her hair and makeup!! How cool is that?! So it felt like a mini-reunion on wedding day seeing the entire family again! They were all so welcoming and made me feel like one of their own!

Here’s some of my absolute favorites from Ellen’s bridal portrait session! Enjoy these few images and don’t forget that after every rainstorm, there’s always a rainbow! It felt so great that we were given this sweet reminder just weeks before Ellen’s wedding day! Enjoy!



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