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Natasha & Levi


Johnson Carriage House & Meadows Wedding


April 28th, 2018


I was rushing around trying to get dressed, packed and ready for my wedding when I received the phone call. It was a from a vendor friend who was in search of a photographer.  Her Bride’s initial photographer had to step down for health reasons, and the Bride was looking for another photographer.  A wedding photographer with a free Saturday in the spring? Seemed like a lost cause, right?

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you’d like. I believe everything happens for a reason! When my friend asked if I was free, it turns out that I actually was!! I told her I’d be happy to photograph the Saturday wedding while I left to photograph my Friday wedding. I received a text as soon as the Friday wedding reception started saying that the Saturday Bride wanted ME as her photographer! I was thrilled!! After the Friday wedding, I cam home, charged batteries, cleaned and repacked my gear and rested up for the next day! I think I was too excited/nervous to sleep though!!

On Saturday, I drove nervously to the wedding…not knowing what to expect! In all of my 7+ years of being a wedding photographer, I had NEVER photographed a wedding “last minute” or a wedding for two people that I had never met before! This was the very first time this had EVER happened to me, so to say I was a bit nervous would be an understatement!

When I finally arrived to Johnson Carriage House & Meadows and finally met the Bride, Natasha, I felt suddenly at ease! She is such a sweet, sweet soul and just one of those people who you feel completely comfortable with from the moment you meet her! Plus, she was surrounded by eight of her closest girlfriends and even THEY were all the sweetest! Next up was meeting the Groom, Levi! He was just as inviting and made me feel so welcomed! And to make this story even MORE AMAZING!…..I knew his family from my college job as a waitress!! What a small world, right?!

Natasha and Levi decided to have a very small ceremony and reception and decided to keep it simple with no wedding party which I thought was such a cool idea! It truly kept the day centered around them and celebratory instead of stressful and chaotic trying to keep up with a larger group like I see at so many weddings.  Oh, if only I could go back and re-do our wedding day! I’d probably do the SAME THING like Natasha and Levi did! Smaller weddings & elopements are so special!!

Not only were Natasha and Levi both beautiful people inside and out (just wait until you see them TOGETHER y’all!! ONE WORD: GORGEOUS!) but they also were a DREAM couple to work with! Natasha told me the day of the wedding that she would give me a FULL HOUR for romantic portraits! A. FULL. HOUR. Y’ALL. If it wouldn’t have been so weird, I would’ve broken out into my happy dance right then and there when she told me! You see, giving a photographer a FULL HOUR for romantic portraits on wedding day is like giving a kid free rein in a candy store! (Or perhaps, a little something like THIS!) It was INCREDIBLE! I so enjoyed every minute of romantic portrait time with those two! I literally could photograph them for-EVER!

Like I told y’all before…I had NEVER done anything like this! I had NEVER photographed a wedding day for a couple I had never met before! I’m a big believer in that everything happens for a reason, and for some reason the stars aligned and I was able to bring Natasha and Levi into my life and capture their very first day as husband and wife! It was truly such an incredible honor.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was right after we took some sunset portraits with one of the prettiest horses at Johnson Carriage House & Meadows.  Natasha and Levi and I were on the golf cart on the way back to the reception and they were both saying how comfortable they felt and thanked me for being there with them that day! It was one of those moments I will always cherish as a wedding photographer! My job is to photograph a wedding day, but my purpose is to love and serve people, and I’m so incredibly happy and blessed that God gave me this gift to do just that!

I’m so very thankful that I was able to let you in and tell my story! Someone pinch me because this wedding was so incredibly beautiful and I can’t wait for you to see it! Enjoy!!


Natasha & Levi-It was an absolute JOY to meet you two and to photograph day #1 of your marriage! I wish you two all of the happiness in the world and know that your marriage has great things in store!! Thank you for letting me into your lives and being such an amazing couple to serve! Love you guys!! xoxo!




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