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Oh boy, oh boy! Where do I even begin?! This wedding was one to remember that’s for sure! There were a ton of FIRSTS in this wedding! By firsts I mean the first time that I’ve ever seen ANY of these things happen on wedding day!

FIRST OFF! Devan had such an amazing group of girls in her bridal party…but one of the FIRSTS was that Devan actually had HER MOM as her Matron of Honor!! How cool is that?! In all the weddings I’ve ever been a part of I’ve NEVER seen that?! I thought it was SO cool and definitely something that I’ll never forget!! Devan’s Mom was one awesome Matron of Honor! Just wait until you see her reaction to Devan and Chad’s first kiss!! It was so precious!!

Another FIRST was the CRAZY weather! I’ve been photographing weddings for many years, but I’ve NEVER seen weather be as crazy as it was during Devan and Chad’s wedding! One minute it was cloudy, the next it was pouring down rain, and then the next it was sunny and bright!! It was like Mother Nature couldn’t decide on what she wanted to do that day!

I sure hated it for Devan and Chad though because their wedding ceremony was supposed to take place in the garden at the beautiful Johnson Carriage House and Meadows but because of the rain, everything had to take place under the pavilion! It was such a headache between the back and forth weather! Thank goodness for Vanessa, one of the best planners in Charlotte, for coming to the rescue and making the ceremony so beautiful at the last minute!

As soon as the ceremony was finished, we went to take all of the portraits and low and behold…we saw a storm literally ROLL in! I’m talking a storm rolling in that looked like it was a scene right out of the movie Twister! It was crazy scary! Here I am just photographing away and watching this mega-storm roll in while the entire Bridal Party had their backs to this storm! They couldn’t see how fast it was moving…but I could! We literally had to photograph ALL of the Bridal Party portraits within FIVE MINUTES! It was definitely a first for me! I’ve NEVER seen the weather change THAT MUCH in a short amount of time!

Thankfully, after the storm blew thru, Devan and Chad came back out with me to finish up taking their romantic portraits and I’m so glad that they did! It was such a fun time to spend with them and thankfully, there were no storm clouds in sight!

Finally, another FIRST from this wedding was actually having one of the images from this wedding ended up being posted on a BILLBOARD!!!! I’m so excited that I can FINALLY say that my work ended up on a BILLBOARD!! 🙂 Hehe! Johnson Carriage House decided to run an advertisement on a billboard off I-77 and TWO of the images from Devan and Chad’s wedding made it up there!! How cool is that?!! That is definitely a FIRST for me!

I am so happy to share these images with y’all today! Devan and Chad are one amazing couple and I’m so glad that they were so happy-go-lucky on their wedding day and didn’t let one big storm or a “little” rain mess up their day!!! They had such fun with their friends and families and I’m so so glad that I was able to be a part of it all!! Plus, they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, right?! If that’s the case…then Devan and Chad will have the best of luck forever!

Congratulations Devan and Chad! It was such an honor to document day #1 of your marriage! I’m so so happy for you two and I’m wishing you the very best!! xoxo!



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