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While I’m STILL in the midsts of finishing his birth story blog post & his one month update (I know…#MomFail!) I’m wanting to make sure that I TRY MY BEST to keep his monthly blog posts up to date! It’s tough to do ALL. THE. THINGS. but hey, we’re learning as we go, right?! Tomorrow Andrew turns THREE MONTHS OLD and I can’t believe just how fast time is flying by! I’m SO EXCITED to share with y’all Andrew’s Two Month update!

I’m pretty sure that whoever said to not blink when you’re a new parent REALLY knew what they were talking about! I’m in so much disbelief at how fast the time is flying by! Andrew is about to be 3 months old tomorrow and I’m literally sitting here scratching my head wondering where my newborn went?!

SO MUCH change has happened this past month, it’s insane! I never believed that babies could change so much until I had my very own! There’s something new about Andrew every single day I feel like!

Here’s some things that I want to remember from Andrew’s second month:

-He rolled over!! Ok, so he was really pissed when he did…but hey! He did it! I guess frustration is the best motivation! 😉 He was staying with “Pop & Wee” (that’s his grandparents — Phillip’s parents!) and she was SO EXCITED when she caught it on camera! Her commentary (& dropping her phone mid-record!) makes me laugh every time I watch it!

-Andrew met a lot of new family and made new friends this month! From a family reunion in Winston-Salem to coffee dates in town with other Mom friends and their babies…it was such a fun month filled with new friends!

-He is still in some 0-3 month onesies, but it depends on the brand! He also is wearing some 3-6 month clothes!

-We dropped the swaddle a little earlier than we were anticipating, but Andrew is sleeping just fine! In fact, I think he really likes being without the swaddle and just in nice, comfy footed jammies now instead!

-We took our first family vacation to the beach! It was quite a trip and one that we won’t forget! Sure, our vacations look quite different now….but they’re so much better now that we have sweet Andrew to experience it with! He enjoyed being out on the beach underneath our new green tent, but he especially loved sleeping in my arms while on the beach! We traveled with Phillip’s parents for the first half of the week and my parents for the second half of the week. It was so great to have extra help when we needed it and a pair of babysitters when we needed it too! 😉 Our vacation days included a lot of walks on the beach, plenty of beach time, a day trip to Southport/Carolina Beach, going out to eat practically every evening, mornings hanging out on the porch drinking coffee, and playing cards at night!

-When we returned from the beach we were welcomed home with a card from the White House and President Donald Trump! I had heard that if you send the White House a birth announcement (or wedding invitation!) that you’ll receive a special presidential greeting in return! Well! It worked! We plan to have it framed and it can hang in his room one of these days, but for now, it’ll probably hang at Phillip’s work since he does work in politics! 😉

-He has really taken a notice to our dog, Darcy! Every time Darcy is around Andrew’s eyes are GLUED to her!

-We dedicated and baptized Andrew this month as well! It was such a small, sweet, private ceremony where Pop (Phillip’s Dad) baptized Andrew. We held a small reception afterwards at our house and it was such a wonderful event! We are so blessed to have an amazing child of God and to be chosen to raise this wonderful baby!

-Andrew went to his 2 month check up and unfortunately got all of his shots! Fortunately though they weren’t AS BAD as I was expecting them to be and he was such a trooper! He barely cried! I was so proud of him!!! Andrew weighed a whopping 12lbs 3oz at his 2 month check up.

-He smiles A LOT! Especially when you sing to him!

-Although I was a nervous nelly the ENTIRE TIME, Andrew had his first over-night visit with Nana & JoeJoe (my parents!) Phillip and I went out of town for the night to Raleigh for a work-related trip. We weren’t going to be gone very long and even thought about taking Andrew with us! Thankfully though, Mom/Nana kept him over night and he did perfectly for her!

-Thanks to the Moms On Call Method, Andrew is sleeping through the night (7:30pm-7:00am) and often I have to wake him up in the morning or else he’d sleep all morning! Very rarely does he wake up in the middle of the night! If he does happen to wake up, he usually soothes himself with his little hands within a few minutes!

-Speaking of his little hands…he’s discovered his hands and he prefers sucking on his fingers than a paci!

-He smiles, coos, and even laughs! Pop and Nana got him laughing for the very first time…however when I try to pull out the same tricks they used he does nothing! Must be a Grandparent thing!

-Bath time and bed time are truly my favorite parts of the day! Bonding with him through those moments are so incredible! Together, Phillip and I tackle both bath time and bedtime and I’m reminded nightly just how much I love being married to Phillip! He is SUCH a GREAT DADDY and he is such a wonderful partner! He doesn’t realize just how big of a help he has been for me since day #1! I am SO proud of Phillip and SO grateful for him!!!

-We’ve spent many mornings snuggling and have taken plenty of walks around the neighborhood! Our day doesn’t feel right if it doesn’t start with a walk!

OK! I’ll wrap this up for now! Our sweet boy is such a blessing!! We are so grateful for such an amazing baby to call ours! Andrew is such a great, mellow, happy baby! We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter little boy!

I am SO excited to experience month #3 with Andrew, but I’m sad that these months are passing by so fast! I can’t believe that tomorrow when I wake up, I’ll have a 3 month old! It seems like it was yesterday that I was finding out I was pregnant!!

I’m so excited to continue on with this series to show y’all how much Andrew has grown and keeps on changing! I’m amazed just how much he changes every single day! It’s such a beautiful thing…but something that is SO BITTERSWEET! I’m in awe of how wonderful every stage has been, but I’m sad because he’s getting bigger & bigger!!

Enjoy some of my absolute favorites from our two-month photoshoot!!

Just a side note & random thought: I’m so happy that I decided to keep these monthly photoshoots extra simple because that means I’ll be sure to do them every month!! I was thinking about making these monthly pictures very “Pinterest worthy” but I knew if I made them complicated to take…then I wouldn’t get around to them every single month!! I decided to give myself a little bit of grace and just keep it plain & simple — a white onesie, a white “backdrop” (which just so happens to be our bed quilt laid flat on the nursery floor!) and his cardboard numbers that I’ve bought at Hobby Lobby and his special pup-pup that was made by his Aunt BAE (stands for “Best Aunt Ever”) Keeping it simple is always best…and I’m SO GLAD that I did so I don’t regret NOT taking these as he grows this very first year!



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