Wedding at Whitehead Manor in Charlotte, NC | Lauren & Andrew

Lauren & Andrew

A Whitehead Manor Wedding

May 5th, 2018


After almost seven years of photographing weddings, there’s not much that brings me more joy than photographing a couple that has a close relationship with their friends and families! I love being a part of a wedding day, seeing the sweet interactions, the tears, and all of the celebration that goes on between the couple’s families and close friends.  Lauren and Andrew’s families and friends were some of the sweetest wedding guests and wedding party that I’ve ever photographed! Everyone was so warm and welcoming, so from the moment I first arrived at their Whitehead Manor wedding, I was completely overwhelmed with joy!

Lauren and Andrew had such a beautiful day! Thankfully the rain stayed away and Lauren and Andrew said their vows to one another underneath the gorgeous oak trees that surround Whitehead Manor. Everyone held their breath as Lauren made her way up the aisle toward Andrew! She was so timeless and beautiful walking with her Dad to the altar towards Andrew! Even Millie, their sweet pup, got excited when the minister asked “who gives this woman to be married to this man.” Apparently, little Miss. Millie was making it known that she was looking forward to witnessing her Mom and Dad get married!! Millie, along with the rest of the rest of their families and friends were celebrating Lauren and Andrew and the celebrations continued into the night! It was such a fun wedding and the dance floor was ALWAYS full! Never in my entire career have I witnessed a dance floor more packed for Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” or for a debut show of “The Silsbeetles”. (See below! Andrew truly surprised Lauren! I’m surprised it hasn’t gone viral yet!!)

Enjoy this beautiful Whitehead Manor wedding!! PS…You’re going to love Millie’s floral collar!!

Andrew’s sister designed and created ALL of the invitations, place cards, menus, etc… for the wedding! They were INCREDIBLE!! Great job Molly! You can check her work out at Baxter & Bailey Designs! I couldn’t help but swoon over such an incredible invitation suite!!
Those SHOES!! OMG!  These bookmarks were created by Lauren’s Mom! She had painted them herself! I thought it was such a unique favor and something that was definitely a keepsake!!  Sabrina and the rest of the Be Pretty team work so hard, fast, and efficiently! That’s why they’re THE BEST in the QC!  Andrew’s gift was actually a “joint gift”! He had designed a necklace using his Mom’s very first diamond! It was a sweet surprise and Lauren put it right on! She had other jewelry to wear but as soon as she opened it she knew she wanted to wear it for her wedding day! I don’t blame her one bit!! It was stunning!!  MILLIE IS SUCH A CUTIE!! Time for the guys!  Millie literally STOLE THE SHOW during the ceremony! Just precious!  STUNNING!  Whitehead Manor is SUCH a beauty! She’s just showing off!!  Digging up the bourbon! An old southern tradition! Lauren & Andrew buried the bottle upside down 30 days before their wedding day in hopes that Mother Nature will bless them with good weather on the Big Day! It must’ve worked because there was chances of rain ALL week and not a drop fell!! Such a fun moment for the bridal party!  I LOVE VEIL SHOTS! So timeless & classic!!  Mr. & Mrs. Silsby make their GRAND ENTRANCE as husband and wife!!! WOO!!!  I was loving their details in such awesome ways!! Since they were married on Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby, I thought the way they incorporated those two things in their donut flavors was so much fun! It’s those little details that I love!!  It was so great to see a past Emma Loo Couple, Kayla and Mike! (See their wedding day here!)
Group shots on the dance floor are always my favorite! Wish we could do these more often!!  Andrew and his groomsmen surprised Lauren with a performance by “The Silsbeetles” where Andrew “sang” “I believe in a thing called love” It was quite a sight!! I think the mullet is a good look for Andrew, don’t you!?  “Sing us a song you’re the piano man!”
Confetti Toss to say farewell to the Bride & Groom!! 

Lauren and Andrew-It was truly such a pleasure and honor to document your very first day of your marriage! Thank you guys SO MUCH for letting me celebrate you two on Cinco de Mayo! (My second favorite holiday! 😉 ) I absolutely loved being a part of your day, you made me feel like family, and I loved documenting your love! THANK YOU!!! Love y’all! xoxo!

Ceremony & Reception Venue | WHITEHEAD MANOR


Hair & Makeup | BE PRETTY; SABRINA 

Bride’s Dress | HAYDEN & OLIVIA 

Bridesmaid Attire | WEDDINGTON WAY 

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | JOS A BANK 









Wedding at Johnson Carriage House and Meadows in Mooresville, NC | Natasha & Levi

Natasha & Levi


Johnson Carriage House & Meadows Wedding


April 28th, 2018


I was rushing around trying to get dressed, packed and ready for my wedding when I received the phone call. It was a from a vendor friend who was in search of a photographer.  Her Bride’s initial photographer had to step down for health reasons, and the Bride was looking for another photographer.  A wedding photographer with a free Saturday in the spring? Seemed like a lost cause, right?

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you’d like. I believe everything happens for a reason! When my friend asked if I was free, it turns out that I actually was!! I told her I’d be happy to photograph the Saturday wedding while I left to photograph my Friday wedding. I received a text as soon as the Friday wedding reception started saying that the Saturday Bride wanted ME as her photographer! I was thrilled!! After the Friday wedding, I cam home, charged batteries, cleaned and repacked my gear and rested up for the next day! I think I was too excited/nervous to sleep though!!

On Saturday, I drove nervously to the wedding…not knowing what to expect! In all of my 7+ years of being a wedding photographer, I had NEVER photographed a wedding “last minute” or a wedding for two people that I had never met before! This was the very first time this had EVER happened to me, so to say I was a bit nervous would be an understatement!

When I finally arrived to Johnson Carriage House & Meadows and finally met the Bride, Natasha, I felt suddenly at ease! She is such a sweet, sweet soul and just one of those people who you feel completely comfortable with from the moment you meet her! Plus, she was surrounded by eight of her closest girlfriends and even THEY were all the sweetest! Next up was meeting the Groom, Levi! He was just as inviting and made me feel so welcomed! And to make this story even MORE AMAZING!…..I knew his family from my college job as a waitress!! What a small world, right?!

Natasha and Levi decided to have a very small ceremony and reception and decided to keep it simple with no wedding party which I thought was such a cool idea! It truly kept the day centered around them and celebratory instead of stressful and chaotic trying to keep up with a larger group like I see at so many weddings.  Oh, if only I could go back and re-do our wedding day! I’d probably do the SAME THING like Natasha and Levi did! Smaller weddings & elopements are so special!!

Not only were Natasha and Levi both beautiful people inside and out (just wait until you see them TOGETHER y’all!! ONE WORD: GORGEOUS!) but they also were a DREAM couple to work with! Natasha told me the day of the wedding that she would give me a FULL HOUR for romantic portraits! A. FULL. HOUR. Y’ALL. If it wouldn’t have been so weird, I would’ve broken out into my happy dance right then and there when she told me! You see, giving a photographer a FULL HOUR for romantic portraits on wedding day is like giving a kid free rein in a candy store! (Or perhaps, a little something like THIS!) It was INCREDIBLE! I so enjoyed every minute of romantic portrait time with those two! I literally could photograph them for-EVER!

Like I told y’all before…I had NEVER done anything like this! I had NEVER photographed a wedding day for a couple I had never met before! I’m a big believer in that everything happens for a reason, and for some reason the stars aligned and I was able to bring Natasha and Levi into my life and capture their very first day as husband and wife! It was truly such an incredible honor.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was right after we took some sunset portraits with one of the prettiest horses at Johnson Carriage House & Meadows.  Natasha and Levi and I were on the golf cart on the way back to the reception and they were both saying how comfortable they felt and thanked me for being there with them that day! It was one of those moments I will always cherish as a wedding photographer! My job is to photograph a wedding day, but my purpose is to love and serve people, and I’m so incredibly happy and blessed that God gave me this gift to do just that!

I’m so very thankful that I was able to let you in and tell my story! Someone pinch me because this wedding was so incredibly beautiful and I can’t wait for you to see it! Enjoy!!


Natasha & Levi-It was an absolute JOY to meet you two and to photograph day #1 of your marriage! I wish you two all of the happiness in the world and know that your marriage has great things in store!! Thank you for letting me into your lives and being such an amazing couple to serve! Love you guys!! xoxo!


Wedding at Byron’s South End in Charlotte, NC | Jessica & JD

Jessica & JD

Byron’s South End Wedding

April 27th, 2018


They say that at the end of your life, if you can count on one hand the amount of friends you have, you’ve lived a good life.  Well, in Jessica and JD’s case, they’ll have to count on BOTH hands AND toes!! They are blessed with some AMAZING friends…and an AMAZING NUMBER of FRIENDS! Phillip and I were BLOWN away at the amount of close friends Jessica and JD had at their wedding at Byron’s South End! During the best man’s toast, he mentioned that Jessica and JD are those friends who are living life to the fullest and always there for you when you need it! I couldn’t have agreed more! Jessica and JD were two of the most genuine people I’ve met! Throughout the entire wedding day Jessica was the one going around asking everyone if they were ok…and it was HER wedding day! That’s just the way they are! Putting the needs of others before their own!

When I had met Jessica, she had mentioned the amount of weddings her and JD had been involved with the year before…it was close to 10 weddings! She said she’s seen it all and been a part of it all, so she knew that when it came time for her wedding she was going to keep things simple and have a great time! And that she did! Jessica chose two of her closet girlfriends to stand beside her throughout the day and JD had his best friend that he grew up with.  It was a smaller bridal party which meant we had a lot more time to spend together and have lots of fun! Smaller bridal parties ARE so much more fun! I chose to have a smaller bridal party too, and I am so glad that I did! Seeing Jessica and JD’s wedding party made me think back to how awesome it felt to be surrounded by my closest friends and family on wedding day instead of a huge group of people!

Jessica and JD shared in a First Look and it was such a sweet moment for the two of them! Even though we were in the heart of Uptown Charlotte on a Friday afternoon during work rush hour, that moment felt like time stood still!! Seeing JD wipe away Jessica’s tears during their First Look made my heart melt! He is SO GOOD to her and quite a gentleman! (You did good, Jess!) 

One of my absolute favorite parts of their wedding day was traveling on the light rail after their First Look! Since they got ready at The Westin and we were only two stops from Byron’s, Jessica had the BEST IDEA to take the light rail instead of hopping in an Uber! She is genius, y’all!! We had SO much fun riding the train and we even got some cheers and celebration on the train ride as well! It was SO FUN!

Their wedding at the newly renovated Bryon’s South End was such a delight to be a part of! I so enjoyed spending the day celebrating with Jessica and JD and capturing their very first day as Husband and Wife! I can’t wait to show you some of my absolute FAVORITES from this beautiful Byron’s Wedding!

JD’s matte gold ring is my new favorite type of ring to photograph!! It photographs beautifully!!
Phillip hangs out with the guys while they’re getting ready! He gets some great shots!!! I think I’ll keep him around! 😉  The Queen City was just showing off!! It was truly such a beautiful spring day!! A perfect day for a wedding, that’s for sure!
Jennifer is THE BEST — Hands down! She even did my own makeup for my wedding day! I just LOVE her!
Dear Jessica, YOU ARE STUNNING!!!
Now time for the First Look! JD’s reaction!…he was speechless!! FAVORITES!!
CELEBRATE!! YES! YES! YES!!! LOVE this one!  Sure, we risked our lives…but it was SO worth it for shots like these!! One of my favorites and one of those “in between” moments.  Sometimes the best shots are the ones not planned! Getting on the Lynx!  The newly renovated Byron’s is absolutely STUNNING!!
KISS to SEAL the DEAL!  I loved this guest book idea!! Jessica and JD framed the record of their first dance song and had everyone sign the mat around it! How cool! Great idea Mr. & Mrs. White! The new courtyard at Byron’s is STUNNING!
Their first dance was to “Perfect” by Ed Sheran!  Jessica lost her dad a few years ago and decided to dance with JD’s step-dad for the Father-Daughter dance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room!  All of their friends from UNC-Charlotte! Go Niners!

Jessica & JD — It was such an honor to spend day #1 of your marriage with you two! You guys are truly two amazing people and I’m so honored to have been a part of your wedding day! Thank you so much!! I hope you guys are having so much fun on your honeymoon in Aruba!! 


Dress Store | LILY ROSE


Ceremony & Reception Location | BYRON’S SOUTH END







Bridesmaid Dresses | WATERS WTOO 

Invitations | MINTED

Wedding at The Flyway Lodge in Knotts Island, NC | Brittony & Cody


Brittony & Cody

The Flyway Lodge Wedding

April 21st, 2018


I can’t hardly wait to show you this beautiful Flyway Lodge Wedding! TRUE STORY: When I first recieved her inquiry email, I had to do a double take! Brittony’s inquiry had read that her wedding to Cody would take place at The Flyway Lodge in Knotts Island, North Carolina – out near the Outer Banks.  I had to pinch myself! I absolutely LOVE what I do…and to be able to photograph a wedding near the coast, especially at a GORGEOUS venue like the Flyway Lodge…needless to say, I was SUPER excited!!

It wasn’t until meeting them that I was even more excited to get to photograph their very first day of marriage even more!! …being by the coast was just a bonus! 🙂  Brittony and Cody had been together for a little over 4 years and love going to the beach, especially the Outer Banks! So it was fitting that a wedding near the Outer Banks would be the best plan for their wedding!

Brittony and Cody are two of the nicest people! Brittony such a sweetheart and absolutely beautiful! (Y’all just wait ’til you see her! She’s breathtaking!!) She also just so happens to be a police officer, so she’s got beauty and a badge! 🙂 When we first arrived to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night before the wedding, Cody walked up to us and gave me the biggest hug! He thanked us for being there and even called me “ma’am” over and over! I quickly corrected him, but I think it just goes to show you how sweet and respectful they are!

Their wedding day was just as sweet as they were! It was also a huge testament of how much they are loved by their families and friends.  I don’t think I ever saw either of Brittony or Cody’s Mama’s NOT working! They were always working, setting out decorations, hanging something, or this that and the other! They worked so hard to give Brittony and Cody such a special day and it was truly such a sweet sight to see two families come together to pull off such a wonderful wedding! Speaking of which, the venue The Flyway Lodge even belonged to a friend of the family’s! So when I say that their families AND friends were a HUGE part of the wedding day…I mean it!! 🙂

I can’t wait for you to see their incredible wedding day at The Flyway Lodge! It’s truly such a beautiful wedding and I can’t wait for you to see it! Enjoy!

This painting was in the room of the bridal suite and I took it down to shoot details.  I thought that it would be neat to include in a detail picture or two, paying homage to the fact that Flyway Lodge is an old duck hunting lodge. I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do, but it’s definitely a favorite of mine! Isn’t it funny how sometimes some of the craziest ideas are the things you’ll love!?! Time for Brittony to get ready! Her Mama sewed one of her police patches into her dress! I love little details like that!  First Look with her sweet Daddy! His reaction was priceless!!  Brittony’s bouquet had a little yellow daffodil in it in honor and memory of her Grandpa!  This flower girl was the CUTEST! She had so much fun spinning around like a Princess! It was fun to watch her take in all of the aspects of the wedding day! She was loving it!! One of these days, she’ll be the BRIDE! 🙂
Cody reading his vows for a little moment before the ceremony. The paper his vows were written on got wet sometime throughout the day so all of the ink was smeared! I’m surprised he could read them!  The ceremony took place right on the sound. It was absolutely breathtaking and so peaceful!  CELEBRATE the new MR. & MRS. TUCKER! HOORAY! LOVED these shots! They were SO much fun! Ahh! This dock was a little on the unsteady side…but I’m SO GLAD we took some portraits by the water! Cody and Brittony LOVE to fish, so I thought being by the water (especially on a dock…) was fitting!!  This reception space was GORGEOUS! The building was built in the 1920’s and was used for sheep and horses! How cool! I love venues with lots of cool history!  THAT. CAKE.  Ring Bearer Paxton got ahold of the mic! Cheers to Mr. & Mrs.!!
The bouquet and garter toss catchers are actually getting married in June 2018! It was destiny!!!  A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Brittony and Cody! It was such an honor to document your wedding day and your very first day as husband and wife! Believe me, it only gets BETTER from here! Congrats you guys! Love y’all!




If you love this wedding, you’ll love this one too! 

Anna & Clint | Outer Banks Wedding 

Wedding at The Farm At Brusharbor in Concord, NC | Colleen & Blake

farm-at-brusharbor-weddingColleen & Blake

The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding

April 14th, 2018


This Farm at Brusharbor wedding was so awesome!! Colleen and Blake are both so sweet and both so much fun to be around, that’s one of the reason’s why their wedding was such a delight to be a part of!! Ever since our first email, I knew that once Colleen and Blake’s wedding day would get here…it would be an awesome day!! I always love doing engagement sessions before the wedding day because that makes me even more excited for wedding day!! At their engagement session, Colleen and Blake were a joy to photograph and it was so much fun (even if we were chased by cows in a field! See that here!) Blake said to me at the very start of the day that I was “going to have to remind him of some of the poses!” Hehe! I loved that!! Although he “thought” he had forgotten some of the poses he learned at the engagement session back in the summer, Blake looked like a natural in front of the camera on wedding day!! He knew all of the poses and made me proud!!

I love that Colleen and Blake chose The Farm at Brusharbor as their venue for their wedding day! I don’t think it could’ve been more perfect!! The weather was incredible, it was a perfect spring day! I even caught myself saying to their friends and family how much I loved the venue! It totally was my DREAM wedding venue and those wide open fields made my heart flutter with delight! I had to make Phillip pinch me while I was photographing the bridal party in one of the pastures…It was so beautiful!!

It’s truly hard to put into words how much I just adore getting to photograph weddings! I love my job so much! It’s weddings like Colleen and Blake’s that remind me just how lucky I am to get to do something that I truly love and have such a passion for! I’m so thankful and grateful for Colleen and Blake and I can’t wait for you to see their beautiful wedding day at the gorgeous Farm at Brusharbor in Concord, North Carolina!!

Love these!! Those dresses and boots were ALL THINGS PRETTY!
Chelish Moore, you have outdone yourself!! Those altar flowers look INCREDIBLE!  I love cross ceremonies! This was SO special!  Time to celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Gregory! DREAMY! My FAVORITE! This was a perfect moment! The clouds were in and out ALL day! I’m glad the sun started shining AS SOON as we started taking these!
That sunset is the prettiest out at The Farm at Brusharbor! Now, let’s get to the reception!! Love me some mixed matched china!Thank you Elizabeth for being a wonderful hand model!!  Colleen handed me her phone with a Pinterest picture at the reception asking if we could do this!! We recreated it as best as we could! I think it’s so cute!  Congratulations Colleen & Blake!! Your day was so awesome!! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!!

Ceremony+Reception Location | THE FARM AT BRUSHARBOR




Cake & Cupcakes | MILLIE’S BAKEHOUSE



Bridesmaid Attire | POFFIE GIRLS 

Groomsmen Attire | NY BRIDE & GROOM 

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