Happy Wednesday Lover-Doodles! I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day with their sweetie! Phillip and I made homemade pizza (it’s a Valentine’s tradition of ours!), I made Phillip  watched ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, and we sipped on champagne mimosas all night! It was great and nothing super out of the ordinary for us! […]

Happy Wednesday loves! What a week its been already! I’ve been swamped over here in the Emma Loo Office trying to get my head wrapped around working out the details for a new website! Yes! That’s right! You heard it correctly! In a few short weeks, I’ll be releasing my ALL NEW website and blog […]

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a wedding day timeline! I tell all of my Emma Loo Brides that a timeline is essential and we work together a couple weeks before the day to make one! It sure keeps her wedding day from being one unorganized chaotic event and above all, it makes […]

I really hate to admit this, but this post has been on my list of things to do for three weeks now.  I always love sharing this post the day before New Years Day or right before Christmas, but it’s been a bit busy in our house and thanks to today’s snow day I’m finally able to […]

Phew. Y’all.  I’ve felt like I have been FULL SPEED AHEAD for the past week now! These past 7-10 days have felt like an ENTIRE MONTH has flown by, and as I look on my calendar, it’s just mid-September.  It’s been pretty busy over here lately (what else is new?!) so between a fully booked […]

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