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Happy Monday Y’all!

You may or may not think that I’m a little CRAZY already thinking about CHRISTMAS…but I am.  I’ve been over here these past few weeks busily trying to brainstorm ALL of the FUN details that’ll go into the Emma Loo Holiday Mini-Sessions! And y’all…I’m so happy to say…this year is going to be GREAT!

So last year was technically the first year of the Emma Loo Holiday Minis…and they were a HUGE success! I was SO blown away by the amount of support and love Emma Loo received during last years Minis! It was AMAZING! SO I knew that THIS year had to be JUST AS amazing as last years minis!

Once again, I’ll be offering Mini-Sessions for two days…and two days only! These sessions will take place on Sunday, October 23rd and Sunday, November 6th (I REALLY wish I had a SATURDAY date available for y’all, however I’m ALL booked up with Saturday Weddings! Hooray!) 

Today I’m going to answer a lot of the recent questions I’ve been getting about the upcoming Emma Loo Holiday Mini-Sessions! Hopefully, this will answer ALL of your questions BEFORE you register for a spot!

Q: When will Mini-Sessions take place?

A: Mini-Sessions will take place on Sunday, October 23rd between 2:00pm-7:00pm and Sunday, November 6th between 2:00pm and 6:30pm.

Q: What will the scene be this year? 

A: The scene this year will be a little bit like last years but with a couple different twists.  We plan on using the vintage green couch, a vintage white table, an old white mantle, perfectly wrapped presents, holiday themed garland, and if we can swing it…maybe even a Christmas tree to decorate! We’ll also have ANOTHER scene set up for fall portraits as well (That way you can get BOTH your fall and holiday portraits taken at once!) The location will be in a very natural setting, so think trees, fields, pastures, and lots of pretty light! This means that you’ll also have access to a pretty piece of land for pictures if you’re not interested in using the scenes/props at all!

Q: I’m wanting something more simple….Do we HAVE to use the props/scene for our photos?

A: There is NO PRESSURE to use the scenes and props that we have set up! (Honestly, we just like setting them up & decorating them for our own fun!) So you won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t want to use them! What’s AMAZING about our location is that we can photograph BOTH scenes AND have a pretty natural field in the background as well! So don’t worry! If you’d rather pass on the props and the scenes…no big deal!!

Q: How many images will we receive & how?

A: Within 7-10 business days after your Mini-Session, you will receive an invitation to view an online proofing gallery from yours truly! This proofing gallery will allow you to see ALL of your images from your Mini-Session with Emma Loo.  You’ll be able to choose up to 15 images from your proofing gallery and download those images in high resolution.  If you love more than 15 of them (which happens a lot!) then you’ll be able to purchase additional image downloads via the online gallery.  You’ll simply use the online shopping feature and pay for additional downloads via Paypal. Easy peasy.

Q: How long will Mini-Sessions be?

A: Mini-Sessions are 20 minutes only.  We’ll say hello and get “warmed up” for the first 2-3 minutes of our session, and then we’ll shoot for a good 15 or so minutes! Trust me, A LOT can be photographed within that 15-20 minute timeframe!

Q: Where will Mini-Sessions take place?! 

A: Mini-Sessions will take place in the Monroe area, which is about 25-35 minutes outside of the Queen City (depending on where you’re coming from!) Emma Loo Photography is based out of Monroe, and y’all…it’s SUCH a precious little city*!  (*I use the term city VERY lightly…remember y’all I’m a city girl from Charlotte who married a country boy from Monroe!) Monroe is a straight shot down Highway 74 (like you’re headed to the beach!) The session location will take place in the country…so don’t worry! You won’t be lost trying to find it! Think wide open fields & pastures, tall grass, and pretty natural sunlight…that’s what the location will be like!

Q: OK…Can my ENTIRE family come?! 

A: Large families are welcome, however the Mini-Session price only includes up to 6 people.  Each additional family member is $10/per.  This additional fee will be required by check or credit card at the end of your mini-session.

Q: What about our pup?! Can Fluffy come?!

A: Dogs are definitely welcome…heck! Cats too! Just make sure you keep Fluffy on a leash since we’ll be close to a busy road and would hate for anything to happen! Plus, when we’re NOT photographing the pup, we can tie the leash around a tree and keep them from photobombing every photo! 😉

Q: Can we change outfits?

A: If you can do it within 20 minutes, sure! Just know that we’ll be out in a field off the beaten path in the middle of the country.  If you’re cool with it, do it! 🙂

Q: What if we’re running late to our Mini-Session?

A: Unfortunately, this happens and I completely understand.  I request that you plan on arriving to your Mini-Session at least 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to your scheduled session, your session time will be voided and your Mini-Session will have to be rescheduled and will be credited towards a full session.  Your session coverage will begin at your scheduled session time…so the longer you’re late, the shorter amount of time you have in front of the camera.  I really hate to be that way…but it happened a lot last year & held up other families who were on time! There will be NO refunds for missed or late mini-sessions.

Q: What will happen to our Mini-Session if it rains? 

A: Oh, the rain! The dreaded rain! Last year I had FOUR days worth of Mini-Sessions lined up…and it rained on ALL but ONE day! I rescheduled & rescheduled over 40 Mini-Sessions…and y’all it about drove me CRAZY! This years policy is this: if it rains on either Mini-Session day, those sessions will be rescheduled to Sunday, November 13th between 1:00pm-5:00pm.  That is the ONLY make-up day for inclement weather ONLY, so if you’re unable to attend the makeup day, then your session will be credited towards the purchase of a full session at a later date.  There will be NO refunds for any Mini-Session purchase.

Q: How do we sign up for a Mini-Session? 

A: Signing up is EASY! We’re opening registration for Mini-Sessions on Monday, September 12th at 9:00am EST.  Registration for these Mini-Sessions will be held via Eventbrite (I’ll include the link to the Eventbrite page HERE on Monday, 9/12 at 9:00am!).  These sessions are on a first come, first serve basis….so book early! Sessions will fill up FAST!

Q: How much are Mini-Sessions? How do we pay? 

A: The cost for an Emma Loo Holiday Mini-Session is only $150! North Carolina state sales tax and Eventbrite processing fees will apply (grand total will be $165!).  Payment will be required at time of registering for Mini-Session via the Eventbrite website.  Payment will be made via Paypal on the Eventbrite website.  Emma Loo Mini-Sessions include up to 6 family members, any additional family member is $10/per and this additional fee is due at the end of your Mini-Session by check or credit card.

Q: We missed online registration! Can I just book a Mini-Session with you through e-mail?!

A: Unfortunately, due to the high demand for Mini-Sessions this year…I will not book any other portrait sessions until 2017.  The ONLY way you’re able to book a Mini-Session will be through the Eventbrite website.  I am also not able to hold or reserve any Mini-Sessions via email or Facebook messaging.

Q: What if the Mini-Session time I want is already taken?

A: Luckily, you have a whole other day to schedule a Mini-Session since there are TWO dates for Mini-Sessions!! I suggest you book early & reserve your spot on registration day.  Unfortunately, I won’t be opening any additional Mini-Session dates or times other than what is scheduled.

Q: I’ve booked the Mini-Session! Now what? 

A: Once you’ve booked your Mini-Session, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your booking with an attached Mini-Session Agreement.  A signed copy of the Mini-Session Agreement is due back to Emma Loo Photography within 48 hours in order to reserve your session. You can scan this document and send it via e-mail to  If your signed Mini-Session Agreement is not returned within 48 hours, your Mini-Session time will be opened for another booking.

Q: Are Mini-Sessions JUST for families? 

A: Mini-Sessions aren’t just for families! While Mini-Sessions are great for families who are wanting an updated family portrait, there’s always a fun reason to photograph such sweet memories! Children, couples, babies, pets..etc…why not capture such a fun & exciting time of year!?

Q: What about prints? Do you print, or do I? 

A: Included with your Mini-Session is 15 high resolution images along with printing rights.  You’ll be able to print your images anywhere you’d like.  I recommend a couple different print labs to you, but they are yours to print wherever!  I do offer professional quality prints, cards, albums, and other products.  These will be additional orders and made after the Mini-Session is returned to you.


For more questions about Mini-Sessions, please contact Emily directly via email-  THANK YOU!

Here’s a little look back on last years Emma Loo Holiday Mini-Sessions! SO much FUN!

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