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MM_DarcyCondoHappy Monday Friends! It’s been a while since my last Married Monday post, so I thought with the new year I’d start my 2017 off by picking up blogging again! I must admit, sometimes its hard to find the time to write out blogs, take pictures, upload them, and all that goes along with blogging, but I do love it! I kept up with blogging throughout most of 2016, then the crazy fall wedding season kicked in, we got a new puppy, and a lot was happening around our house all at once! I gave it up and I have to tell y’all, I’ve seen a difference regular blogging can make! SO…anywho! Today’s post certainly isn’t about blogging! It’s about our sweet little spot for puppy, Darcy!

Our 6 month old Goldendoodle puppy, named Darcy (after Mr. Darcy of course!) has her very own built in condo in our house! We got tired of looking at her ugly black wire crate, so we decided to convert a hall closet into her crate.  We even call it her condo, because well, every spoiled pooch needs a plush condo of course! 😉

We absolutely love her new condo and it’s been working very well! All we have to tell “Darc-Darc” is to “get in your condo” and she’s there! It comes complete with two barrels of dog food, her treats, a comfy bed, her water dish and her food bowls.  Phillip will claim he’s not a handyman, but I’m so proud of him building the swinging door to her cute condo! She only gets put into her crate/condo when we’re away from the house (which isn’t often! We’re such homebodies!) but even when she’s in there she loves it! It’s big enough for her to walk around in, lay down in, and sit straight up in! PLUS…if she does mess anything up, it’s just the closet! So it’s not that big of a deal to fix!

Here’s a little peek at our Puppy Condo! It was SUPER easy to make & we saved the door to put back on for when we have full trust in her & can leave her alone in the house without the crate! Hopefully one day soon! In the meantime though, her condo serves its purpose well & it’s super adorable!

Separk_Mansion_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0398 Separk_Mansion_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0399 Separk_Mansion_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0397Oh my word! She’s the apple of my eye! I love Darcy girl SO much!!
Separk_Mansion_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0396 Separk_Mansion_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0400



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