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MM_OBXRecap_It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were on Hatteras Island staring up at the massive Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! Traveling out to the Outer Banks (otherwise known as the OBX!) was so memorable for us! It was Phillip’s first time EVER out on the Outer Banks while it was my fourth time! No matter how many times I go out there, the OBX never disappoints! It is so beautiful out there and I am so happy that I was able to show Phillip one of my favorite places on earth!

Photographing a wedding was what brought us out to the OBX.  The wedding was on Saturday in Morehead City (the southern most part of the Outer Banks) and we figured that if we were already going to be out there, we might as well spend an extra day (or two!) out there to enjoy it! It was a FAST trip out there and we hardly saw EVERYTHING that we wanted to see, but we at least we were out there am I right?!  So we stayed Friday and Saturday nights in Morehead City, woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning to catch the Cedar Island ferry (only three run this time of year…7:30am, 10:30am, and 1:30pm!) to head to Ocracoke Island where we spent the night in a FABULOUS harbor front room at Captain’s Landing!  We LOVED Ocracoke! It’s history…the community….the village…EVERYTHING! Although the village literally shut down by sunset, we had a wonderful time taking it easy, relaxing, touring the lighthouse grounds, walking through Blackbeard’s Trail, and watching the beautiful sunset over the inlet harbor.  It was SO romantic!

We thought we woke up super early on SUNDAY, however our wake-up call on Monday put Sunday’s to shame! We were leaving Ocracoke to head to Hatteras at 6:30am. We caught the windy and rough ferry ride along with all of the Ocracoke locals (it was a Monday morning commute!)  and headed to Hatteras to see the lighthouse, have a quick breakfast, and start our long drive towards home…while making a pit-stop at Bodie Island Lighthouse (by the way, it’s pronounced “BODY”! 😉 and to see the “Nights in Rodanthe” house! )

We drove ALL the way home & we were greeted by our puppy, Darcy who was SO happy to have us home! (We were thrilled to see her too! Too bad she couldn’t have come with us!) There were SO many other sights that we missed while out there, we just couldn’t take the extra time to enjoy them all! Plus, it was SO COLD! It would’ve been hard to enjoy all of the outdoor sights (like Jockey’s Ridge, The Wright Brothers Memorial, etc..) anyway! We’re already planning for our next trip out there because it’s such a wonderful place to go and adventure! One of my favorite moments from the trip was when we went “off roading” and drove out to a secluded beach! Seriously, no one was out there! It was nothing but sand, water, and sky…for miles! It was such a beautiful sight to see and one moment I’ll never forget! It was an adventure to say the least, and a romantic one at that! I love being adventurous with my hubs! As long as we’re together and being adventurers…it never gets old!

Enjoy some of my favorite photographs while out on the Outer Banks! I can’t wait to go back soon! You MUST plan a trip out there too! It’s such a magical place! XO!

RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0137 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0130 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0133 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0128 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0132 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0131 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0136 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0129 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0139 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0138 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0134 RitchieHill_Wedding_Concord_Wedding_Charlotte_Wedding_Photographer_Emma_Loo_Photography_0135




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