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It’s always a great time to reunite with friends from high school, especially now that I’m quickly approaching my ten year high school reunion! It’s so hard to believe that I’ve been out of high school for almost A DECADE!! I guess the saying is really true…time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

Colleen and I went to high school together and I keep scratching my head at why we weren’t best buddies back then! She’s such a sweetheart and so funny! I felt so honored when she asked me to be a part of her wedding day and I simply can’t wait to photograph Colleen and Blake on their big day this coming April!!

We shot their sweet engagement session on a friend’s farm and it was such fun to spend an afternoon with these two this past summer. It was a session I’ll never forget since we were chased by a bull! Well…ALMOST chased by a bull! We had hopped a fence to get to the last location of the session and there were LOTS of cows in the field we were in.  We apparently got too close to the baby cows (I couldn’t help it! They were SO CUTE!) and the mama cows and bulls were a little pissed that we were there! It was quite an adventure!!

This was such a fun session (cows and all!) and I can’t wait to share some of my favorites from their summer engagement session!  This old barn was the COOLEST! I was surprised when Colleen and Blake were 100% okay with climbing up into the hay loft!
Another group of faves!!
One thing I remember about Colleen from high school is that she was a very good softball player!! Like REALLY GOOD!! Blake played football in high school and now coaches high school football too!! Including their sports in the photos was a MUST! It turned out super cute!!
Here’s where we almost got attacked by raging bulls! 😉
Mad Cows = Scary! This Location = WORTH IT!!! 



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