Why I’ve Been SO BAD.


This post is way long overdue and honestly, it’s one I’ve put off because of the mere fact that I’m ashamed to admit to it! I’ve been THE WORST y’all. The ABSOLUTE. WORST. And I’m here today to tell you what I’ve been SO BAD at.

BLOGGING. There. I said it. I am the WORST at blogging! I’m the WORST at blogging or social media consistency and making sure that EVERY wedding/session gets featured on the blog.  To prove to y’all just how BAD I have been at blogging…I haven’t blogged a single session or wedding for the past 6 months. YES. 6 months. That means that the last half of 2017, I haven’t showcased my most recent work. Ever. And in the photography world, that’s a pretty bad thing you guys! (If you could only see me shaking my head while I’m typing this right now!) 

This year I’ve been SO EXTREMELY busy! It’s such a blessing to have so much work, but I haven’t ever been this busy in my entire life! It has been making my head spin this last half of the year.  So needless to say, I’m very ready for the slower season to begin!  Already in 2017, we’ve photographed 29 weddings and STILL have ONE MORE to shoot (after Christmas, at least!) While I definitely don’t regret taking on 30 weddings in 2017, I do regret not being as fully prepared for the workload! When I say I’m desperate for an office assistant…I MEAN IT!! Shooting weddings and sessions is the EASY part! It’s before and AFTER the wedding/session that takes SO much time to do! The emails. The editing. The gallery deliveries, the print orders, album designs, and gifting.  Then comes the social media and marketing part that should be totally fun, right?!?! (So wrong!)

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not very consistent when it comes to blogging or social media marketing. I’d rather get sessions edited and back to my clients in a short amount of time than worry about getting the images ready to blog/post/or share on social media. Now THAT is something that I’m pretty proud of! In 2017, I was able to get ALL of my sessions/weddings returned to my clients in a little less than two weeks! It was so nice to be able to surprise my clients with their full gallery of images within such a short period of time! So in my mind, once I got the images back to my client, I moved on to make sure the next client had their images back in two weeks time as well.  I just didn’t think taking the time to blog the session/wedding was that important.

So today, I’m starting my first ever (and hopefully my LAST EVER!) Emma Loo Blog Catch-Up series! I’ll be sharing my work from way back in June until now! I’ve got quite a lot of blog posts to write and publish…but I’m SO EXCITED for you to FINALLY take a look at my work from this past year! It was such a busy year for me, but it was one of my BEST YEARS YET and I’m so thrilled to share it with you!

Although 2017 was such a busy year, I’ve learned a lot from it! I’m always constantly learning and growing in my business and I feel as if I ever get comfortable in my business, I should get worried! I’ve learned from this “not-blogging” experience that I need to become more consistent in my workflows and post-production.  I’m challenging myself in 2018 to become more consistent and create a consistent workflow that I utilize for EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT. So please send some prayers and some crossed fingers my way for the upcoming year! Hopefully this will be the very LAST time I’ll ever have to admit that I’m so bad at blogging and play “catch up”!

I simply can’t wait to share with y’all some amazing sessions/weddings coming to the blog very soon! Stay tuned! And as always, thanks for hanging in there with me! 😉



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