Why does it always seem like a location is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to a Client of mine!? Rather it’s an engaged couple or a family of four, location choice is ALWAYS the top priority for my Clients! When really and truly, location choice should be THE LEAST of their worries! It’s time to put […]

Happy Friday loverdoodles! I’m writing this blog post actually as I make my way out the door to head to the FIRST wedding of my “Double Header” weekend! That’s right, TWO weddings in ONE weekend! (Lord have mercy, am I crazy or what?!) I wanted to recap a little bit about my very first Cameras+Coffee mentorship […]

Happy Friday Y’all!  I hope everyone is getting ready for a fabulous Easter Weekend! I’ve got LOADS of sessions this weekend that I’m SO excited for and I can’t wait to show y’all once I’ve shot them, edited each session, and post them to the blog sometime in the next week or two! Stay tuned! […]

I am just SUPER EXCITED to share this Business Friday post with y’all! A few things before you dive into this post. Number one, I’ve NEVER ever EVER done a screencast like this, in fact-I had to YouTube how to do this! BUT! I’m SO glad that I did it, because I’m excited to share some […]

T.G.I.F, right loves?! Goodness! Is it Friday already?! Do you remember sitting in your high school class on a Monday morning dreading the LOOONG week ahead? Remember when you thought life went by at a snail pace? Goodness! It seems like I wake up on Monday morning and BAM! It’s Friday! (WHOA!) For today’s Business […]

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