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Today has just been SO full of love & so much joy celebrating our first married anniversary! We are overwhelmed with the amount of love our families and friends have shown us today by sending us lots of texts, phone calls, and celebrating with us via Facebook! Thank y’all SO very much! We are just so blessed to have THIS much love surrounding us & supporting us! Thank you! Thank you!

I feel like we’ve been celebrating our anniversary for a week now, because last week Phillip and I got all dolled up and photographed our anniversary session!! At first, we weren’t going to do it because quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling “picture ready”.  I haven’t had my hair done lately and my roots are just awful and also because I’m trying to run a business and I work from home…it’s t-shirt and yoga pants…all day…every day. So really and truly, in the looks department I just wasn’t “feelin’ it.” But then something just came over me, and I was like “Emily…snap out of it! You’ll look back on this moment & regret it! SO JUST DO IT!!”

And so we did…dark roots and all…

SO then the dilemma was what to wear & who will shoot it! I decided that if we were going to do an anniversary shoot, we were going to get glammed up and make it glam like our Wedding Day! I asked my good friend Lindsay from photography school if she wouldn’t mind photographing us for this special session…because it would’ve saved me the trouble with a tripod…we’ve done that before!!…AND the countless number of out-of-focus shots my Mom would’ve taken! Love ‘ya Ma! So Lindsay and her hubs Adam came to hang out with us and take our pictures last week! We did a little “couples photo swap” and then took them out to dinner as a thank you afterward! Lindsay and her awesome skillz captured the images and then I edited them…and y’all…let me just say…it is SO weird editing yourself!! Very weird!

We decided to use the session to capture us following the tradition of eating the top of the wedding cake a year later and surprisingly, it wasn’t AS BAD as we were expecting! (Thank you Food Saver!) We also took shots of our Bourbon that we buried 30 days prior to the wedding in hopes that Mother Nature would bless us with good weather on our wedding day! It’s an old Southern tradition…and we plan on taking shots of the Bourbon each anniversary until it runs out!

We had simply THE BEST time on our Anniversary Shoot and I’m SO GLAD that we were able to capture such a loving time in our marriage! Even though we’ve been married for 365 days, it STILL feels like we’re on Day 1!!! Being married is just SO much fun! I’m SO happy we made it to year one..and I can’t wait for many, many more happily married years ahead! Love you Phillip!2016-06-06_01922016-06-06_0195 2016-06-06_02002016-06-06_01942016-06-06_01972016-06-06_0196 2016-06-06_0198 2016-06-06_0208 2016-06-06_0207 2016-06-06_0205 2016-06-06_0201

Our Anniversary Session wouldn’t have been ANYTHING without the help from the following:

Photographs taken by Lindsay Hinesley

AUH-MAZING Hair & Makeup by my gal, Jennifer Abercrombie with Jennifer Abercrombie Beauty! She’s THE BEST!

Dress from Rent The Runway

Cake Topper by Better Off Wed




kindness thrown around like confetti.


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