Oh these two! I just adore them! And I’m so so excited to share this next post with y’all!! Caitlin and Andrew are one of my past Emma Loo Wedding Couples! They got married in 2017 and while their wedding plans changed in the midst of planning, I sadly wasn’t able to photograph their wedding […]

Happy Wednesday loves! What a week its been already! I’ve been swamped over here in the Emma Loo Office trying to get my head wrapped around working out the details for a new website! Yes! That’s right! You heard it correctly! In a few short weeks, I’ll be releasing my ALL NEW website and blog […]

Today has just been SO full of love & so much joy celebrating our first married anniversary! We are overwhelmed with the amount of love our families and friends have shown us today by sending us lots of texts, phone calls, and celebrating with us via Facebook! Thank y’all SO very much! We are just […]

TODAY marks ONE YEAR of being MARRIED for us!! It’s SO hard to believe that it was EXACTLY 365 days ago that Phillip and I were GETTING MARRIED!! I can’t even believe it because time REALLY does FLY by when you’re having SO much fun! That’s just it…being married IS just SO much fun! It […]

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Lesley+Kent were two sweethearts! I absolutely loved them!! Getting to spend an evening with them was just pure joy and I was so delighted to finally meet them! (We had to put off this session for quite a while due to weather & health conflicts! Oh, rain and the stomach flu is never a good […]

kindness thrown around like confetti.


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