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A Double C Acres Wedding | Morganton, NC 

She called me near the end of last fall wanting to book her wedding for the following Spring and through the phone I could tell that she was such a sweet soul  and I just couldn’t wait to meet her! I knew that Carlee and I would INSTANTLY become friends and when I finally met at her and Andrew at their engagement session, I know a sweet friendship was definitely in the works!

Carlee and Andrew are two people that you always DREAM of meeting…they’re the type of friends that would come help you fix a flat in the pouring down rain, or invite you over for family dinners on a Sunday afternoon, or just send you random pictures of their cute pups…at just the right moment…on the worst of all days you are having…and it would cheer you up just instantly! (It happened. Multiple times. Carlee & I had this thing…I’d take pretty pictures of her and Andrew ANNND she would send me puppy pics of Flex, their English Bulldog! SO DANG CUTE!!)

So, it’s not unfair for me to say that I’m not happy that their wedding has come and gone……because y’all…no joke. They are the sweetest and such an amazing couple to work with.  And as for their wedding day, you ask? It was just as sweet!! When we arrived at the hotel to check-in for the night before their wedding day (& to shoot the rehearsal dinner as well!) it was POURING down rain.  The first thing we did when we got into the room was log into our weather apps and stalk the hour-by-hour forecast! There was no denying it…as much as we would’ve liked to not believe it…there was NO WAY the sun would make an appearance the following day on their BIG DAY…there was just NO WAY..and even if it did, it would be LONG gone by ceremony time, that’s for sure.

Well, low and behold! The SUN DID shine!! Lots & lots of prayers were answered that day & it’s so crazy to me that not ONE DROP fell on their wedding day! It was SUCH a miracle! (Thank you Jesus!!)

Carlee and Andrew were married in such a perfect setting at her family farm, Double C Acres and while the reception took place next to the horse barn, underneath a clear top tent, the sweet ceremony was atop a hill with beautiful views of the countryside, over looking Table Rock, and the farm below.  It. Was. GORGEOUS!

Here are some of my favorite moments from Carlee+Andrew’s Wedding Day!

+Carlee’s family has a history in the carnival business (her Grandpa invented the game Whack-A-Mole!!) So a carnival game was a MUST at their wedding! You should’ve seen my eyes light up when we pulled up to the farm! I couldn’t wait to play!

+Carlee and her girls getting ready were SO much fun to be around! They were all so nice and welcoming and really made the morning go SO smoothly! Every time I turned around a Bridesmaid was asking me if I needed anything or if they could help me do something! It was SO sweet and SUCH a great way to spend my “work day” with such sweet Bridesmaids and Bride! (Speaking of which, the DRESS shots would’ve not happened without the help of two of the Bridesmaids and a Groomsman! Thank y’all SO much for all of your help!)

+Getting Carlee dressed was a piece of cake! Normally this is when everyone starts freaking out and running around because they know that it’s “go-time” soon! Carlee’s Mom was SO calm, collected, and enjoyed the moments while helping Carlee get dressed! I just loved watching them together! Even the “ring bearer” was loving getting Carlee dressed! Carlee and Andrew’s dog, Easton, loved sitting all over her dress! She didn’t mind at all! Thought it was cute too! (What a gem of a Bride, right?!) 

+Andrew and his Dad restored an older yellow truck and drove it together up to the ceremony site! It was the neatest thing and quite a fun “prop” to use in some of the images! I love details like that!

+Carlee asked my assistant, Shana, if we could do a “First Touch” with Andrew before the ceremony.  When Shana ran it by me, I looked down at my watch and realized that if she wanted to do it, we better do it ASAP…because ceremony was supposed to start in 30 minutes!! We rushed around, got Andrew, and got Carlee into place and then had their sweet “First Touch”! I’m SO glad Carlee decided to do a First Touch! It was SUCH a sweet moment for those two and I loved the thrill of it!

+Andrew had his back turned throughout the entire ceremony processional so he couldn’t see Carlee make her way from the trolley to the ceremony doors.  When he turned around to see Carlee walking down the aisle, his knees became weak! It was quite an emotional moment for him and for her and goodness, there wasn’t a dry eye around!

+Andrew even tried to sneak a little peck kiss right after a prayer during the ceremony! Hehe! We all saw it Andrew! And we all laughed! Nice try!

+Carlee and Andrew’s reception was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I tell y’all…it’s ALL ABOUT THE ENTERTAINMENT, and that means the DJ HAS to be a good one in order to have a great reception! Their DJ did NOT disappoint! I don’t think there was a soul there who DIDN’T make it out to the dance floor at least once! There were fun dances, after dances! I even thought it was SO SWEET that Carlee and Andrew shared part of their First Dance with their grandparents! And oh my word! There were some AWESOME dance moves out there on the dance floor!

+Getting the entire Wedding Party on the Water Gun game was HILARIOUS! As for the winner each time…she was dressed in all white. 😉

+One word. PHOTO BOOTH. (Ok, so technically two words…but you get the idea.) 

+Sparkler Exits always have a special place in my heart because we did one at our wedding! Carlee and Andrew’s did not disappoint and we waved goodbye to the new Mr. & Mrs. through a long line of smoke and sparklers! It was SO pretty!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from Carlee and Andrew’s Wedding Day! It turned out to be a beautiful day and such a joyous day of celebration for two wonderful people!

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Carlee and Andrew’s Wedding Day was perfect, but their vendors were the perfect ones behind it all! They helped make their Wedding Day “Price-less” 😉

Venue: Double C Acres

Rentals: Carolina Luxury Event Rentals, Classic Event Rentals, and Valley Rental

Hair+Makeup: Robin Davidson & Danielle Whistnant

Dress: Morilee

Dress Purchased From:  Pofiee Girls

Groom+Groomsmen attire from: Jos A. Bank 

Groom+Groomsmen Bowties: XOElle 

Rings: Charles Babbs Design Studio & Zales 

Florals: Delicate Touch Florists

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

DJ: Burt Lindsey, Magical Music

Catering: Ron’s BBQ

Cake: Bella Tortè-Amanda Ingle

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