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Phew. Y’all.  I’ve felt like I have been FULL SPEED AHEAD for the past week now! These past 7-10 days have felt like an ENTIRE MONTH has flown by, and as I look on my calendar, it’s just mid-September.  It’s been pretty busy over here lately (what else is new?!) so between a fully booked fall wedding calendar, getting our house ready to paint, AND bringing a brand new puppy home…it’s been hectic, that’s for sure!

I do apologize for not blogging on a regular basis these past few days, and to be honest, blogging has sort of kept me MORE productive! Even though its something that takes up some precious time (& takes me away from getting puppy-snuggles right now! ;)) It IS something that has helped me stay focused as well as feel more productive throughout the week! I missed this week’s Married Monday post (because I just couldn’t pass up the puppy snuggles on a rainy Monday morning!) but I figured I’d start back with a Wedding Wednesday post since it’s on a subject I’ve been antsy about writing for a while now!

So for today’s Wedding Wednesday post, I’m going to explain to all of my #EmmaLooBrides why it is SO important to be ALONE during your Romantic Portraits on Wedding Day.  For some PDA-Shy Brides and Grooms, this is a no brainer! However, there are times when my Brides and Grooms don’t have any alone time throughout their wedding day, especially during their First Look or Romantic Portraits and it seems to make us ALL uncomfortable.  When the moments of just the two of them are being captured and they don’t feel completely comfortable, those images that’ll last an entire lifetime aren’t as good as they could’ve been and it leaves me heartbroken because I know how important the images are to my Bride and Groom.

Making the request for privacy to your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, your wedding coordinator, or even your parents BEFORE your wedding day will insure both you and your Groom will have complete ALONE time during your Romantic Portraits…which are some of the most important images captured throughout the ENTIRE wedding day! We often capture Romantic Portraits immediately following the Family Formals and the Bridal Party Portraits, so when we move into the Romantic Portrait time, there’s always a Bridesmaid who would like to stay behind and help the Bride “fluff and puff” her dress,  or a Wedding Coordinator close by who will always try to shorten the portrait time… (One time, I even had a Wedding Coordinator with a stop watch follow me, the Bride and Groom around during portrait time telling us down to the second how much time we had left for portraits…y’all…it was SO stressful & the images were SO rushed! It was awful!)

It seems like they are being helpful, and they ARE…BUT it is really distracting to both the Bride and Groom and myself when there are others around during this very special and intimate time during the wedding day.  Just think about it, it’s a full 10-15-20 minutes that you two get to be ALONE with one another on your actual wedding day! Before and after this time, you’re feeling the rush of excitement for the big day, you’re separated and sometimes can’t even text one another! You’re hugging and saying hello to everyone who has come to your special day, and the two of you won’t really get to see each other until AFTER the reception is over.  The time during the Romantic Portrait time IS so important because it’s TIME that you two have TOGETHER and you both can soak in ALL of the EXCITEMENT and JOY from the day unfolding right before your eyes! You JUST got married! What could be more exciting!?! Capturing those moments between the two of you is SO important to create beautiful photographs that you will enjoy for many loving years ahead!

So make sure you let your Bridal Party/Coordinator/Parents know this ahead of time (because a lot of the time it’s ME having to ask them to let you have your privacy!) You want to be completely comfortable, stress free, and in the moment (for however short of a moment it is!) and at ease while you’re loving and snuggling with your NEW HUSBAND!! Making the request to be alone during your portrait time is crucial for capturing those intimate shots without feeling uncomfortable in front of others.

Happy Wednesday! XO!

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