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A Downtown Waxhaw Wedding | Waxhaw Woman’s Club | Waxhaw, NC

Your love is my turning page. Only the sweetest words remain…”  (<–the link to their song…have it playing in the background while you scroll through this post…I can’t help but cry every time!)

Those sweet words have stuck with me ever since I heard them while Candace+Christian swayed to the music back and forth throughout their First Dance. Being able to capture their wedding day was better than I could’ve imagined! Their wedding day was just perfectly beautiful in every way!

This wedding has been quite a challenge to keep to myself for these past two weeks! I try to always give a “Honeymoon Sneak Peek” to my Couples the day after their wedding day, and I try to work as fast as I can to get the rest of their wedding day images back to them ASAP since I know they are just way too excited to see them! But this wedding was quite a challenge to edit on time since we have had SO MUCH going in the days after Candace+Christian’s wedding day! (Like our Wedding Anniversary and our Anniversary Trip! We took a couple days off immediately following their wedding to enjoy celebrating!) SO now that I finally have ALL of their images edited and I’m returning to them today…I simply can’t wait to share some of my favorites from their absolutely beautiful wedding!

When Candace first emailed me back in mid-April, I was taken by surprise at her wedding date! In fact, I had to make sure that she meant June 3rd, 2016 and not in 2017! Not the case though! These two were engaged in February and planned for a short engagement…after all, these two have been together since high school AND Christian has plans to go into The U.S. Coast Guard so his training will start NEXT WEEK! Whoa! Plus, planning a wedding in a short amount of time is easy, especially when you’re working with some of the BEST vendors around! (Seriously y’all! I felt like it was a repeat of our wedding just a year later! Candace and I chose some of the SAME vendors, so it was great to see some of the special people that made our wedding day so perfect!)

Some of my favorite moments from Candace+Christian’s Wedding Day…

+Candace getting ready with all of her girls! She was SO calm, cool and collected! No stress! No worries! NOTHING! In fact, her entire squad of Bridesmaids were the same way! It makes a huge difference throughout the wedding day when the Bride and her Bridesmaids are stress free! I knew from the moment that I walked into the Bridal Suite that this wedding was going to be phenomenal!

+Candace+Christian decided to do a First Look to ease their nerves (as if they had any, right?!) AND to get more portraits done because they actually wanted to ENJOY their cocktail hour with their guests! I’m so glad they did! Although it was SO HOT (I’m thinking it was the hottest day of the year so far!) those two stuck it out and were AMAZING! Not only that, but their entire Bridal Party was so much fun to photograph too! They didn’t hesitate when I told them to run into the middle of the road and yell and shout for joy for Candace+Christian…even though we were on THE BUSIET street in downtown Waxhaw! It was SO much fun!

+The ceremony was short and sweet but SO beautiful! Watching Candace walk down a beautiful staircase meeting her Dad at the bottom was just so special! And Christian was SO EAGER to kiss his Bride shortly after the “I Do’s!” These two are smitten with each other!

+We got a lot more Romantic Portraits in during the venue switch between the ceremony and the reception! SO not only were we able to capture a First Look and shoot some Romantic Portraits right after, but we were able to capture EVEN MORE portraits after the ceremony….these two surely know how to make this photographer’s heart so happy!!

+Bridal Party’s Reception Introductions…AWESOME. There were bouquets tossed like footballs and some twerking going on by the Bride herself. It was hilarious! Don’t even get me started on the rest of the reception as the night went on! Candace’s dance with her Dad was the SWEETEST…a simply amazing rap-toast given by the two maids of honors was hilarious…and then there was Grandma was breakin’ it down on the dance floor!

+Due to the coverage times we “faked” a Sparkler Exit with JUST the Bridal Party at twilight and oh my word! I’m in love with the images from it! I’m SO happy that Candace+Christian decided to do this a little bit earlier because we got some great images from it!

Enjoy some of my absolute FAVORITES from Candace+Christian’s Wedding Day! This wedding will surely go down in the books as one of my favorites to photograph! XO!

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Candace+Christian’s Wedding Day was fabulous…thanks to some amazing vendors who made it possible for these two lovebirds! Special thanks to the following:

Venue: Waxhaw Woman’s Club

Coordinator: Bridget Braddom

Rentals: Tent: Waxhaw Equipment Rentals,  Other: Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations

Hair:Rachel Pearson of Fusions Salon 

Makeup: Carly Sabato

Dress: Mon Cheri Enchanting Collection

Dress Purchased From: Simpson’s Bridal and Formal Wear 

Groom+Groomsmen attire from: JC Penny

Rings: Diamonds Direct & Helzburg Diamonds

Florals: The Petal Shoppe of Monroe

Invitations: VineWeddings on Etsy

DJ: Rob Moore

Catering: Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

See Candace+Christian’s Engagement Session HERE!






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